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Making Sure Your
IoT Devices Work,
Every Time
Building the IoT Future Together
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Next Generation
Wireless Test

Ready to Test Tomorrow's Innovations

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Designed from
the Ground Up
for Manufacturing
Testing more, faster, in rough
production environments
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Femtocell & Small-Cell Test

LitePoint solutions offer quality and speed at the lowest overall cost.
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High Volume 802.11ac & 802.11ax Testing

LitePoint announces world’s first production tester for new high bandwidth Wi-Fi standards.
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Faster, Simpler, Smarter Test

At LitePoint, we are entirely focused on delivering the most technologically advanced wireless testing solutions available. Period. Our innovative analytical tools are specifically designed to keep pace with evolving wireless technologies, challenging device environments and pressing market demands from the lab to the manufacturing floor. We are not satisfied to simply evolve. We are driven to revolutionize.