Built for Hard Work and High Volume

LitePoint's IQ family of manufacturing test systems are purpose-built for testing wireless devices in rough factory production environments.

You need a solution you can trust to reliably deliver valid, consistent test results, especially in peak periods. From rugged, battle-proven hardware, to software with easy-to-read results display and logging, LitePoint IQ systems are designed with high-volume production in mind.

  • Simple to deploy. Easy to rack or stack. Direct cable connections from tester to fixture. Automatic configuration. Simple fixture calibration.
  • Easy to use. LitePoint’s purpose-built test systems are intuitive to control, even for new operators. Software utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface that provides results in a straightforward, visual format.
  • Durable workhorse. LitePoint manufacturing test systems are rugged and battle-proven for the manufacturing floor. No failure-prone screens, no delicate button or knobs, no overheating issues, no complex external interconnect between cards. LitePoint’s drop-tested, sturdy construction is able withstand all-day, everyday operation and keep production flowing.
  • Compact multi-tasker. Single-box solutions require minimal factory floor space and can concurrently test multiple standards with a single insertion.


Rollout Ready

Get production up and running in days, not months.

LitePoint delivers complete test solutions, not just boxes. Deep domain knowledge in wireless system implementation enables LitePoint to deliver truly intelligent test methodologies.

Decade-long relationships with leading chipset suppliers allow LitePoint to create and deliver chipset-optimized test software that makes LitePoint IQ hardware fast to deploy in the factory, fast to ramp up in volume, and then fly in production. This three-step process brings products to market fast—and with the highest quality of test.

  • Hardware that is simple to install in the factory and requires minimal operator training.
  • Domain-specific, chipset-optimized software solutions that maximize the throughput of LitePoint testers.
  • A huge chipset library that allows you to reconfigure test stations in minutes for new products.

LitePoint is the reference test standard for all the top Wi-Fi chipset suppliers. By working closely with our chipset partners, LitePoint has chipset test solutions ready well ahead of their market introduction. See our complete list of supported chipsets (over 300 and counting!) New chipsets are being added continuously.


Engineered for Highest Throughput—From the Inside Out

Cut total test times by 50% or more with optimized methods and parallel testing.

In the drive to minimize production cost—and maximize profits—you need test systems that simply work faster. Faster in terms of how they capture, process, and report results, and faster by doing more at once through parallelization of test.

Exclusive Packet Engine technology drives throughput

LitePoint’s patented Packet Engine™ technology is the heart of our connectivity test solutions. Totally unique in the test industry, the Packet Engine enables test methodologies that are wireless standard specific, to extract the maximum throughput from the tester.

With powerful embedded data processing capabilities, LitePoint test systems analyze and log test results quickly, in the background, allowing the tester to run at maximum speed. With the use of the newest Intel processors and platforms, LitePoint systems can readily evolve with Moore’s law to provide lightening-fast results processing.

One system tests multiple standards—simultaneously

LitePoint’s single-box solutions enable the testing of multiple standards with a single insertion. Not sequentially, but concurrently. Concurrency alone cuts test times by more than 50%, and when you include time saved on additional device insertions and on multiple device reboots, you’re saving even more.

Multi-DUT solutions test multiple devices in parallel

With LitePoint, test up to four devices (or even eight) in little more than the time it would take to test one. Rather than simply quadrupling hardware, LitePoint implements its hardware in ways that eliminate issues with crosstalk between channels, reduce power consumption, and optimize tester cost.


The LitePoint Way: It’s all about Speed

Product life cycles are short. Delay is not an option.

Steep production ramps (each generating higher volume levels than the previous) and increasingly complex products are putting the pressure on manufacturing.

You need to reliably deliver while demand is high—typically the first few months after (and often before) new product introductions. How will you keep up? You could buy more test systems and hire more operators. Or, you can optimize your test operation to get more done with less.

  • Speed time to market
  • Manage more volume without sacrificing quality or test coverage
  • Decrease operating costs

At LitePoint, our IQ family of manufacturing test solutions are designed for manufacturing and we remain dedicated to developing systems that save time at every step, from implementation to easy-to-read results.

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